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Elevate your wellness

Embrace the chill

Cold Plunges

The Ultimate Experience

Engineered for the modern warrior. Flawless functionality meets premiere performance to transform your physical, mental and emotional health.

Your New Wellness Ritual

Dive into the boundless health benefits of cold water immersion. Just a few minutes daily can lead to lifelong improvements.

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Overall Health

Mental Fitness




Cold water immersion is proven to release increased amounts of dopamine and serotonin which improves mood and boosts happiness.

Ready to GET Cold?

Get started and change your life, health and mood from just $127/mo 

What Our Customers Say

Ashley Martinez
Ashley Martinez
Absolutely amazing all around! Great customer service and amazing cold plunge tub! I live in Florida and the chiller has no problem getting super low! I have mine set to 37 degrees. My husband and I got the larger tubs so on some days we actually take a plunge together. I am so thankful for OM Wellness for introducing us to the cold plunge and after the first dip we had to have one! For my husband he is all in for the health benefits and for me the feeling is almost indescribable. I felt like I can have my happy life back after coping with depression. Mentally a cold plunge a day honestly rewires my whole demeanor and emotional and mental health. A all natural cold plunge vs. every day meds, I took taking a cold plunge! Every home needs one!
Kevin Hurley
Kevin Hurley
I host Airbnb (rooms, spaces and experiences). We bought a cold plunge system from our guy David at OM Wellness. It was a goal to provide a space where someone can travel and experience a new way to rejuvenate the mind and body. Adding the cold plunge has increase the range of travelers who inquire and book. Our travelers are excited and intrigued when they find out about the cold plunge and the benefits associated with the whole experience.
Hernan Gonzalez
Hernan Gonzalez
We had OM Wellness systems at our Art and Wellness event during Art Basel. We rented a couple of tubs from them. They were professional, on time, and it was a hit. We had people come back the next day to do it again and find out information on how to get one because of the immediate health benefits felt.
Josh Mosley
Josh Mosley
Absolutely amazing experience. I own a local gym in Davie and David came by and ran a 2 day demo for my members - Everyone saw the value in the cold water therapy and got to experience some of the immediate performance right away. - David was professional and knowledgeable. Id recommend any person or gym to add this to their recovery .
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